environmental strategy

Gossi Park & G.James are committed to environmental awareness and aluminium recycling practices.

The business is committed to supporting sustainable practices and environmental stewardship within the glass and aluminium industry.


Where possible, we invest in state of-the-art technologies and equipment to minimise waste generation and optimise our output. Emphasising the actions of Reduce, Recycle and Review, we will continuously strive to improve our production methods and raw material consumption to reduce our overall environmental impact and preserve our natural resources for future generations.


energy savings

All new production plants are installed with energy saving lamps, fixtures & daylight switches.

All new production plants are installed with energy saving lamps, fixtures and daylight switches. These measures achieve the same brightness for 30% less power. Our existing plants are in the process of having these installed and our Casting facility makes the lamp holders for these lights from 100% recycled aluminium.

G.James & Gossi Park factories are fitted with ‘high-bay’ windows and roof light sheets to maximise the entry of natural daylight limiting the need for artificial lighting. G.James Next Generation Extrusions use 26% less power and the Aluminium Remelt Furnace has been recently been upgraded to operate on less energy.


water conservation

Our surface finishing plant utilises 50% less water through the use of counter-flow rinsing systems & flow meters.

Cooling towers, located within G.James' own finishing plants, operate lower than the Department of Natural Resources & Mines (formerly known as EPA) water consumption guidelines. All water used in the aluminium pre-treatment process (done prior to powder coating) is collected, deionized and purified for re-use.

Water used in our glass processing activities, such as polishing, grinding, drilling etc., is cleaned and recycled back into the glass factory.