About Gossi Park

We offer outdoor furniture and structures that have been designed specifically for market needs with longevity in mind. 

Gossi Park continually strives for excellence in the supply of park and street furniture to our valued customers Australia wide. With a guaranteed Australian supply chain and the support of our internal manufacturing, design and engineering teams, we produce products to the highest standard with safety and compliance in mind.
From start to finish of your project Gossi offers:

  • Technical Expertise & Advice
  • CAD Drawings
  • Product Renders
  • Dedicated Customer Service team to ensure you receive all information required

We also work closely with our larger external supply partners and pass on sustainability updates.

Complementing spaces

Partnering with G.James Group to offer a diverse range of products across Australia.

Architecture and Urban design are fields that are becoming more demanding due to the increasing density of populated areas. The huge diversity and scale of today’s design tasks present a wide array of complicated challenges that are constricted by increasingly shorter time frames and raised expectation.

Gossi Park strives to assist designers by simplifying the smaller decisions. We offer a comprehensive range of furniture and shelters with variations to suit both urban, park & outdoor visions. Gossi manufacture and install a range of stylish park and street furniture. Each product is specifically designed to accommodate local parks, shopping centres, malls, schools and sports clubs.

The aluminium construction of all Gossi Park ensures minimal maintenance and long term durability. Design variations and manufacture are also available. With the industry partners of the G.James group of companies, we have the ability to offer a diverse range of products that are made available across Australia.